Human Skills Co is the solution to the problem we observed across education and work - we've been so busy passing exams and learning tech, we've neglected practicing connection, communication, creativity and reflection.

​For business and government, we need our best minds to master these skills for teamwork, productivity, resilience and innovation. 
Crucial for personal and professional development, we help humans thrive and shine in all parts of life. 
So why wait? Book into one of our courses today to fine tune those Human Skills we all need!

Your Instructor - Bethan Winn

Bethan Winn is an engaging, accomplished facilitator in critical and creative thinking, decision making, problem solving and communication skills

She has two decades of experience in education and training across government, business, NFP and education sectors.

Passionate and practical, she can help you get clarity, build confidence and leadership skills and take your thinking to the next level. She'll empower you with the tools you need to make a difference to your career or the bottom line of the business.

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